Erase Certificate

By selecting Use Erase Certificate check box the user is able to add and customize the erasure certificates with Company Information, Technician Information and additional certificate options.

Figure 1: Certificate Options
Include company information
Use this option to include all company's information
Include technician information
Use this option to include all technician's information
Include system info
Ensures that the OS-specific information is saved. Such as:
  • Operating system
  • Kernel version
  • Architecture
Include hardware info
Ensures that the Chassis-specific information is saved. Such as:
  • Motherboard manufacturer
  • Motherboard description
  • Number of processors
Include disk SMART information
Use this option to include S.M.A.R.T. information for the disk

Print Options

Always print certificate after disk erase
Prints erase certificate after erase completion automatically
Skip print preview
Prints erase certificate skipping certificate preview step
Default printer
Select a default printer for printing erase certificates


By selecting Include Barcode check box user is able to add a barcode in desired format.

Barcode data
Is a string of available tags and attributes concatenated by ^ (CARET) delimiter. User is able to compose a custom string with selected values from drop-down list or by simple typing
Shows the composed data representation. This data is encoded to the actual barcode
Barcode Format
There is a drop-down list of available barcode formats
Encoding (if available for the Barcode Format selected)
There is a drop-down list with available encoding schemes. The selected one is used to encode the barcode data
Error correction level (0-8) (if available for the Barcode Format selected)
Affects a size of the barcode. Increasing the level value provides a better scanner readability

Save to PDF Options

Sub tab Save to PDF offers options for storing a certificate to file in PDF format as well as encrypting with passwords and digitally signing output PDFs.

Figure 2: Save to PDF Options
Certificate location
Use this option to save erase certificate as a file in PDF format to the selected location
File name template
Here user specifies the template for the Erase Certificate. See the tags available in Appendix tags section
Encrypt with password
If password field is not empty, output certificate (PDF) will be encrypted and protected with specified password. This password needs to be typed in any PDF Viewer next time user opens a certificate for printing
Sign Certificate with Digital Signature
Certificate file (PDF) can be signed with a default Digital Signature (supplied KillDisk.pfx certificate) or with your custom Digital Signature (*.PFX) and can be verified later on. If Adobe Reader successfully verified PDF document, it is guaranteed that its content hasn't been modified since issue.
If custom Digital Signature is required, please issue a certificate and specify full path to the custom certificate (*.PFX file) as well as its open password in the related fields below (Digital Signature and Use password to open)
Display Digital Signature
Digital Signature can be displayed as an overlay text on the first page of certificate. After you turn on this option, you can specify overlay text using tags (see tags section), its position on the first page, rectangle dimensions and text size