Examine Disk Physical Integrity

The disk examination feature is designed to scan the physical integrity of the disks selected for this operation. Disk Examine step can be the preliminary step to Disk Erase, Disk Wipe or Disk Clone procedures.

To examine disks:

  1. Select disks or volumes for examination

    Use Disk Explorer to select 1 or more physical disks or logical volumes.

  2. Open Examine Disk configuration dialog using one of the following:
    • Click the Examine Disk command in the action toolbar
    • Click Actions > Examine Disk command from main menu
    • Click Examine Disk command from context menu
    Figure 1: Examine Disk Options
  3. Confirm examination options

    Use tabbed views to adjust examination options if necessary. Available options:

    Use Disk Examine in application preferences to specify disk grading attributes if necessary.


    If only one disk was selected for examination than you can specify boundaries of examined area for selected disk.

    Click Start button to begin examination process.

  4. Observe examination process

    In the Disk Explorer you will see the progress of the examination in the slot of the drive being operated on. The process will be shown as a progress bar:

    Figure 2: Disk examination progress

    As you see the green progress bar fills the virtual drive slot. The percentage of the examination completed and the estimated completion time will also be shown in the slot. Once this process is done the word E X A M I N E D will flash in the slot space.

When erasing completes you can review results for the processed disks.