Compact Operating Modes

KillDisk Industrial has advanced operating modes simplifying product usage in the industrial environments.

Touch Mode & Kiosk Mode


These modes are available starting from version 3.0

Compact operating modes added to simplify routing tasks. In these modes user have an access only to the features being used most frequently.

To switch to compact modes, select Kiosk Mode (or Touch Mode, depending on the product configuration) from the View menu. Also, you can press Ctrl+T to switch to and return back from compact modes.

All menus, toolbars and other supplementary windows, like Properties and Output will be hidden while operating in compact mode. Access to commands is through floating menu at the bottom left corner of application's main window.

There are two compact modes available:
  • Touch Mode - designed to support portable touch-screen monitors
  • Kiosk Mode - works similar to previous one but also supports mouse and designed to support commercial grade monitors. It attempts to show as many Disk Bays as possible at once, simplifying visual control and ongoing processes for operator. This mode still supports mouse and giving access to most advanced features. In Kiosk Mode user still have an access to run predefined disk batches, open Erase History View and use other tools.

To switch from compact mode back to windowed operating mode click the most right button (blue computer monitor) at the bottom.