Mount Disk Image

Mount Disk Image allows to use a specific disk image file as a data source for cloning. Supported VMWare virtual disks, VirtualPC disks, ISO image files as well as any image in RAW (sector by sector copy) format.

To mount disk image:

  1. Launch configuration

    Open Mount Disk Image dialog in one of the following ways:

    Figure 1: Mount Disk Image in Batch
    Figure 2: Mount Disk Image in Preferences
  2. Select disk image
    Figure 3: Mount Disk Image Dialog
    Disk Image file name
    Full path to the location of disk image file
    Caption (Display name)
    Enter any label to distinguish newly opened (mounted) disk image among other devices and disks.
  3. Mount disk image

    Click OK to confirm and mount a Disk Image.

If a disk image has been mounted and opened successfully then disk image node appears in Disk Explorer View and will be available as a clone source in Clone Sources tab and in drop-down list of clone sources in task dialog.