Processing Summary

Once KillDisk finishes processing any task such as Disk Erase, Secure Erase or Disk Wipe, a summary dialog appears. It contains all of the information regarding to the operation(s). For example, it includes information like disks operated on, status of erasure, logs and all associated certificates and reports.

Figure 1: Example of processing summary

Results Overview window contains the options for the successful erasure:

All the devices processed are displayed with their success/failure status in a tree list
An actual status (success/fail)
Disk Examination Status
Specifications of the examination procedure are listed and the status of the examination is reported
Disk Examination Report
Verifies that the examination report has been saved and specifies the path to the saved report. Allows user to examine the .xml examination report by pressing the Browse button
Disk Grade Assignment Status
Confirms the inclusion of the disk grade assignment operation based on disk integrity examination results
Status of the disk erase operation
Started at
Time & date of operation's start
Duration of the operation
Processing Attributes window contains all the status and attributes of the operations (as more detailed View):
Figure 2: Processing Attributes sample
Log window shows an actual Log file:
Figure 3: Log sample

The Wipe operation will produce a similar processing summary for the Disk Wipe

Additional options are:

Disk Certificate
Specifies the path to the saved erasure PDF certificate. Allows user to examine the certificate by pressing the Open button
Print Labels
Allows user to examine, customize, change options and print Disk Labels by pressing the Print Labels button
Disk Processing Report
Specifies the path to the saved Disk Processing Report. Allows user to examine the .xml disk processing report by pressing the Browse (to navigate to the containing folder) or Open buttons