Name Tags

Name Tags Idea

Name tags used in different scenarios to form meaningful File Names, Label or Barcode data and more. Predefined constant value in brackets, for example {SerialNumber}, will be replaced with actual disk's Serial Number when Label or Barcode is formed and printed out.
Figure 1: Name Tags in Labels and Barcodes
Below is description of different Name Tags grouped by sections.


{Computer ID}
Workstation (computer) ID
Operating System name
Application name
Application full version
Kernel version
Generated unique 8 symbols ID

Date & Time

Tags to represent current date in different formats:

Complete date in full form without delimiters
Complete date in full form with delimiters
Complete date in short form without delimiters
Year in full form
Year in short form
Full month name as literal
Month as digital with leading zero
Day of month with leading zero
Time with hours, minutes and seconds without delimiters
Time with hours, minutes and seconds with delimiters
Hours with leading zero
Minutes with leading zero
Seconds with leading zero


Values for these name tags retrieved from the context device:

{Serial ID}
Disk serial number, retrieved from OS or from S.M.A.R.T. attributes
{Platform ID}
Disk platform identification (may be vary due to OS format)
{Product ID}
Disk manufacturer Id
Disk model name (if available)
Disk size in gigabytes
Disk size in sectors

Processing attributes

Disk processing attributes based on execution conditions:

Disk examination result grade
Batch name (if a part of a batch processing)
Quantity of disk processed in batch
Disk Bay label
Erase method
Erases passes description
Verification attribute
Process start date
Process start time
Process elapsed time
Overall completion status for group processing or separate disk processing status.
Overall process result digital code

Item processing attributes

Item processing attributes based on execution conditions:

{Sequence #} ... {Sequence 000#}
Sequential number. Used for group (batch) processing.
Process type name
Process short name
Processed disk range