Web Access

Web Access section allows to configure remote connections to the workstation. KillDisk supports monitoring the workstation's state including all running processes from remote computer via standard HTTP protocol in any Web Browser. In order to start the Web Service properly, connection parameters for the remote host must be configured first.

Server name
Type the name of current workstation to be displayed on remote hosts.
IP address
Web Service can be running on all IP addresses (version 4 protocol) assigned to current workstation or on the particular IP. Drop-down list box enumerates all available IP addresses for the workstation.
Web Service can be set up on a default TCP/IP port (80), or on any other port provided it is open and accessible through the firewall.

Make sure that selected Port is open on the Local firewall for the host to be accessible over the network. Contact you local Network Administrator if you are not sure how to configure Firewall settings.

Maximum number of simultaneous connections
Workstation can serve requests from several web clients, however each connection consumes resources such as CPU, RAM & Network Bandwidth. You can limit the number of web clients which can monitor current KillDisk workstation. Default value is 3.
Read only or interactive node
Web Service can be used either for monitoring only or be interactive service. In interactive mode user can start Disk Erase, Wipe, Stop processes and other commands for Disks and Batches.

Be careful when you clear Read Only check box! In this case any remote client can not only monitor, but start/stop processes on the workstation without physical access to the system and without up-to-date knowledge of disks attached and business needs, so it can interfere with local technicians' work.