Disk Wipe

The Disk Wipe tab provides settings' configuration for Wipe procedure (like the erase procedure) allows you to specify the erase method to use as well as a few additional wipe-specific options.

Erase method
Choose one of more than 20 sanitizing methods including many international standards and custom patterns
Verify erasure
Percentage of disk to be verified after wiping out unused clusters
Wipe unused clusters
Erase areas of the hard drive that are not formatted and not currently used by the OS (data has not been recently written there unless this is a recently deleted partition)
Wipe metadata and system files area
Erase areas of the disk containing information about previous files on the volume and prevents recovery of files using their remained records
Wipe slack space in file clusters
Erase slack space within files. Because files are usually never exactly the size of the space allocated to them there may be unused space within a file that may contain traces of data. This algorithm wipes that space to remove these data traces
Print wipe labels
This feature prints wipe label automatically after wipe is completed using a specific Disk Label Preset configuration