Industrial-grade disk sanitation hardware solution. No extra charges per disk erase!

KillDisk Industrial Desktop is an affordable industrial-grade disk sanitation hardware solution combined with Industrial Software and supporting parallel erasure of multiple HDD/SSD. It is extremely compact, quiet and energy efficient. Supports U.S. DoD 5220-22M erasure plus more than 20 international sanitizing standards. Supports erasing: Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives; SATA and SAS disks; External Disks via eSATA, USB, iSCSI, M.2 SATA disks, M.2 NVMe disks, mSATA disks, U.2 NVMe disks, i.e. all types of disks with standard sector size (512 and 4096 bytes).

Non-standard disks, having different sector size NOT supported (like NetApp using 520 bytes sector size disks).

Licensing policy assumes no additional charges per disk erase!

Automatic mode can be programmed to perform actions on a disk as soon as it is connected. Examine, Erase and Print a certificate by simply plugging in a hard drive. Erases up to 15 disks in parallel, depending on configuration ordered.
Supports U.S. DoD 5220-22M erasure and dozens of international sanitation standards. HIPAA compliant. Once a disk is erased, the data is gone forever.
Powerful disk examination tools such as SMART Monitor, File Browser and Hex Viewer give you complete knowledge and control over your disks.
Examine disks for bad sectors prior to erasure (optionally). You can skip or continue erasing process based on examination results. After erase process completion, erase verification can be performed (optionally).
Built-in customizable certificate and label-printing tools for records and accountability. Pre-configured laser or label printer can be supplied optionally.
All supplied printers compatible with 110V 60Hz only, used in North America!
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Basic Features

  • Erase data on the entire hard disk drive surface, supports parallel erasing of up to 15 disks
  • Destroy data permanently with a choice of dozens of international disk sanitizing standards
  • Examine disk integrity and overall stability, disk verification and detect bad sectors
  • Supports layouts configuration – linking controller ports to graphical disks representation
  • Auto-erase mode sanitizes disks and prints certificates without of any user interaction
  • Hot-swap operations are fully supported, erase could be auto-initiated upon HDD plug-in
  • Browse file systems on disk volumes and inspect particular sectors Hex Viewer on a low level
  • Issue customizable certificates and detailed reports for disk erase and examination

Advanced Features

  • Supports batches – operations on group of related disks in a context of single transaction
  • System advanced configuration and customization
  • Advanced error handling of damaged HDDs or HDDs with bad sectors
  • Provides enhanced information about disks and their attributes including S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • Sanitize external disks (USB drives, external HDD/SSD) connected to both USB/USB3/eSATA ports
  • Optional LiveUSB (bootable USB disk), configured with KillDisk and a graphical environment. This allows users to boot and wipe any PC, from servers to notebooks, without the necessity of disassembling the machine and removing the HDD/SSD

Bay configuration

Selecting a Bay configuration

System Control Center

Choosing a System Control Center


Selecting a preconfigured printer for labels and certificates

M.2 Adapter

Selecting an adapter for M.2 storage