My Computer View

My Computer view presents a layout in a standard tree-view form, much like the disks in Windows Explorer. Information for the currently selected object such as disk status, serial number, partitioning displayed in Properties window at the right side.

Figure 1: My Computer View

Customize menu

Show My Computer
Displays all devices that are detected by the system Device Manager
Show System Disk
Displays the disk containing the Operating System. This is off by default to prevent accidental erasure of the system
Show Unallocated Partitions
Displays disk's unallocated space - partitions where no volumes created yet
Show Devices
Switches between display of Devices (physical disks containing volumes) and Volumes only display
Show Removable Disks
Displays removable media storage devices (USB Flash Disk, External USB etc.)
Show Not Ready Devices
Displays devices that may not yet been initialized and accessed by the Operating System
Navigator Pane
Shows/hides Navigator Pane on the right side of the View