Once the KillDisk application is launched the main application's dashboard appears. From here you can use any of KillDisk's tools on your system. This section describes the main components of the application. The full functionality and features of these components are discussed in their corresponding sections later.

Figure 1: KillDisk Industrial application dashboard


1 - Tabbed Windows
Here you can navigate between KillDisk tabbed windows such as Disk Explorer, Application Log etc..
2 - Command Toolbar
The command toolbar is a dynamic toolbar that allows the user to perform Tabbed Window-specific actions (depending on the context).
3 - View Selection
This View Selection (only available in Disk Explorer View) allows you to manipulate how the Bays are displayed in the Windowed View as well as manipulating with type of graphics used to show the Bays in Disk Bay View.
4 - Windowed view
Contains the window that is currently active. By default you can see here all HDD/SSD/USB disks attached to the workstation.
5 - Output window
Contains the log of operations KillDisk has performed.
6 - Batch control window
The Batch control window is an easily accessible interface to create, delete and manipulate disk batches.
7 - Advanced tool tabs
These tabs allow to navigate between the different Advanced Tool windows.
8 - Advanced tool window
This window shows the data for the Advanced Tool selected. The window can be moved, popped out and re-sized.
To browse through each of these Views click on the appropriate tab. You may also open a View from the View menu.

To open any closed View just select it from the View menu.

The status bar at the bottom of the workspace shows the current status of the application or status of the activity in progress.