KillDisk for Industrial Systems

This edition of KillDisk is designed to provide a software solution for industrial workstations, configured to service disks in high volumes. KillDisk for Industrial Systems is distributed as a software package that may be installed on a disk erase workstation and used to examine, erase and even write images to individual or batches of disks. Highly customizable, the software is able to conform to any company standards - erasure standards, examination type, reporting, error handling are only a subset of the configurable settings KillDisk supports. All elements of KillDisk's operations may be documented in XML reports, PDF certificates, or even printable labels for erased hard drives. Versatile, easy to navigate and rich in features, KillDisk for Industrial Systems is the ideal KillDisk solution for recyclers and corporations to securely erase hard drives - simply and efficiently.

KillDisk is a powerful software that delivers the following main features:
  • Fast erase data on the entire hard disk drive surface, supports parallel erasing of large numbers of disks (hardware-limited)
  • Destroy data permanently with a choice of dozens of international disk sanitizing standards including US DoD 5220.22-M
  • Sanitize external disks (USB drives, external HDD/SSD) connected to both USB 2.0 and 3.1 ports
  • Examine disk integrity and overall stability, disk verification and detect bad sectors
  • Auto-erase mode sanitizes disks and prints certificates without of any user interaction
  • Hot-swap operations are fully supported, erase could be auto-initiated upon HDD plug-in
  • Browse file systems on disk volumes and inspect particular sectors Hex Viewer on a low level
  • Issue customizable certificates and detailed reports for disk erase and examination
  • Print different types of labels to be attached to hard disks after erase completion
  • Provides enhanced information about disks and their attributes including S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • Export local erase history to external databases or CSV-file
  • Wipe out unused clusters and meta-data on live volumes, leaving existing data intact
  • Provides fast low-level Secure Erase feature for your SSD
  • In addition to securely erasing hard drives KillDisk also allows you to write an image or copy a Master Disk to newly erased hard drives with its cloning feature
  • And more...

KillDisk maintains the highest standards in disk erasure and provides extensive documentation options for its operations through Reports and printable Erase Certificates and Disk Labels.